Monday, July 14, 2008

In The Article Students,Teachers,and Parents Weigh in on the state of the school they talk about how schools maitain order and peace between students.In the article they talk about how relationships between teachers and students have gotten better and has help students. Parents seem to be happy the way there children education has been going.There children are being taught in a safe in enviroment,were before students didn't even feel safe in the hallways.
I Agree with the article in many ways because its true I think that Joel Klein had no confidence of the expertise of his educators. I Believe this because of all of sudden this years numbers have change students are doing homework and getting high grades on test. Teachers paying a huge part in this by commenting on students homework assignments. In my mind I think this has gave students a boost in wanting to do there work. I myself haven't fill out the survey and I don't think I need to because im happy with my education and the way i'm beeing taught in school. I am very satified with it im actually doing better now than before thanks to my teachers and my school. I Think my education can improve by me paying more attention when class is in session.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fav Artist

My Favorite artist is a man that goes by the name of lil wayne. He's My favorite artist because his music is catching and touching. When he raps he says things that you can relate to. He similies and metaphors are Extradinary. He makes great music and that's all. My Favorite song right now is uhhhhhh....Im not really sure whats my favorite song. He has so many good songs that i dont even have a favorite."Long hair dont care like a jewish....Never Been a sucka metal in dat duffle...Im all about my chips I gets my ruffles....Nd I must B Fly BeCause your chick buggin like zzzzzz''lolz

Habits of mind #6

A Man Who Has Committed A Mistake And doesnt correct it is committing another mistake.

I Think this habit of mind mostly applies to me because this is my way of thinking. If you commit a mistake and you know you wrong you should try and correct your mistake. In order to learn you have to make mistakes. When I make a mistake and I know im wrong I always try to correct my wrongs even if I failed trying wont hurt. "Feel me."

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I am Alex

I am Loving and outgoing
I wonder where I'll be in 10 years
I hear a voice guiding my every move
I see a bright light
I want A billion dollars
I am loving and outgoing

I pretend to be a bad boy
I feel a twinkle in my eye
I can touch the sky
I cry when herartbroken
I am loving and outgoing

I understand that life aint a joke
I say pick yourself up when down
I dream about tomorrow
I try to stay away from fools
I hope i'm someone in the future
I am loving and outgoing